Volume 24 - How our new partnership with OpenVPN can benefit your business

Posted on 5th May, 2022

Our existing services for cyber security and file management, through partnerships with TP-Link and Synology, have received 5* reviews from our clients. However we haven’t stopped there, we have partnered with industry leaders OpenVPN to improve the consumer experience.


With the additional security of a virtual tunnel and the connectivity to access our routers from anywhere in the world, our clients are receiving even more for their money.


If you want to feel the benefits of our partnerships with enterprise companies, as well as our accessible pricing, you can get started with free consultation by talking to us via our live chat on our website (https://www.b1networksystems.co.uk/), or you can book a free meeting via the following link (https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/Appointments@b1networksystems.co.uk/bookings/). To learn more about our services visit our services page on our website:

Cyber security: https://www.b1networksystems.co.uk/pricing_-_firewall_data_protection.html

File management: https://www.b1networksystems.co.uk/pricing_-_on-site__cloud_storage.html

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