Volume 22 - Why are IT essentials important and who needs them?

Posted on 20th April, 2022

We've launched our campaign #MeetTheStandard to answer this exact question, but also address why are they important and if you need them.


Our ecosystem of products is far wider then the IT essentials, but we believe that small business owners deserve to know how they can protect themselves.


Two things ALL businesses need to protect and manage their data is:

1. Firewall data protection

2. File management server


Which in conjunction will keep your data secure, in a single suite that is accessible to all staff, backed up daily and accessed remotely.


A data breach is a matter of when, not if. So your business has not addresses cyber security then you are waiting to lose all of your sensitive files and client information.


Managing files is a common hurdle for businesses, but a management system is easy to use and valuable in it's day-to-day operations. Removing the friction of not being able to work from home, losing files due to failed drives, constantly sharing files to one-another. We remove all of these problems.


If your business is expanding it's operations and you're finding it stressful to manage sales delivery, CRM, HR etc, then we have the answer. Our bespoke software web-applications are built to your needs, meaning that the product is built to your scope. To make it easy for businesses to get started we're giving businesses free demos to help you learn how it can help you.

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