Volume 21 - Why our file management beats the competition and increases productivity

Posted on 1st April, 2022

With many cloud service providers you can often pay enterprise prices for data storage that doesn’t give you much flexibility. At B1 Network Systems Ltd we carefully selected our partners products to bring our clients the most premium products that bring more choice to the end users. privately hosting the physical server in your premises, easily select users permissions and settings, map drives straight to devices and access files remotely gives you the flexibility to control your files how you’ve always wanted to.

Furthermore, if you find your business frustrated with the friction of transferring files internally or the absence of a system for remote/hybrid workers to manage data without ever worrying about where the file was last stored we will remove this issue at prices that compete with cloud computing to accommodate for smaller businesses on lower budgets.

Are you ready to get started and take your business to the professional level of IT on the SME budget? Get started today by emailing us at sales@b1networksystems.co.uk

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