Volume 20 - Why automation and analytics is fundamental for SMEs

Posted on 24th March, 2022

Since technology has been introduced automation has always been a key part of it’s purpose, removing human and manual processes to have tasks done more quickly and accurately. Over recent years we have witnessed a significant development and investment into automation with AI and IoT devices being integrated into our business and personal lives.


Analytics however have mostly seemed to have been accessible for enterprise businesses, with powerful dashboards and data reports being manufactured by professional services for large scale businesses.


In 2022 we are seeing a growing demand in platforms such as Power BI which gives SMEs the ability to deliver a middle-market solution for the demand of small businesses. At B1 Network Systems Ltd. This is an essential service we are proud to produce for our customers, with a growing need for quick & effortless automated processes and the need for more data & analytics we are bringing a key investment that gets small businesses to where they need to be.


With the business world becoming increasingly invested and depended in IT and software it makes it essential for SMEs to keep up; however with the market for data analytics, automation and software platforms making prices out of reach for independent businesses it is more important to partner with B1 Network Systems Ltd to build a system that rewards your investment.

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