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Our new service Power B1 - CRM tool is the affordable solution to managing your day-to-day operations; Giving growing SMEs the tools that they need to stay organised throughout their sales delivery. With everything in one place; from HR, client management, invoicing, quotes; it's never been so easy to work and stay focused.


We integrate straight into your customer order flow process, everything from the quote to the after-sales care. As well we keep our pricing accessible to SMEs, for £125 per month (+ licence fees) you can digitise your whole workflow, and you won't need to pay for enterprise software which can cost £140 per month per user!


Book a free demo today:

Our existing services for cyber security and file management, through partnerships with TP-Link and Synology, have received 5* reviews from our clients. However we haven’t stopped there, we have partnered with industry leaders OpenVPN to improve the consumer experience.


With the additional security of a virtual tunnel and the connectivity to access our routers from anywhere in the world, our clients are receiving even more for their money.


If you want to feel the benefits of our partnerships with enterprise companies, as well as our accessible pricing, you can get started with free consultation by talking to us via our live chat on our website (, or you can book a free meeting via the following link ( To learn more about our services visit our services page on our website:

Cyber security:

File management:

1 - Invest in protecting your data - Our cyber security products minimises the risk of your files being lost or stolen. There is approximately 30 million cyber breaches per day, and every 19 seconds a small business in the UK is hacked. By taking out an accessible investment you are removing your business from this list.

2 - Invest in managing your data - Our file management solution removes the risk of files being corrupted, inaccessible to everyone in your company, and being physically lost.

3 - Invest in tracking your data - Are you losing track of your sales delivery, CRM and HR? Our internal-use software integrates all of your data and automates all of your contracts & invoices.

We've launched our campaign #MeetTheStandard to answer this exact question, but also address why are they important and if you need them.


Our ecosystem of products is far wider then the IT essentials, but we believe that small business owners deserve to know how they can protect themselves.


Two things ALL businesses need to protect and manage their data is:

1. Firewall data protection

2. File management server


Which in conjunction will keep your data secure, in a single suite that is accessible to all staff, backed up daily and accessed remotely.


A data breach is a matter of when, not if. So your business has not addresses cyber security then you are waiting to lose all of your sensitive files and client information.


Managing files is a common hurdle for businesses, but a management system is easy to use and valuable in it's day-to-day operations. Removing the friction of not being able to work from home, losing files due to failed drives, constantly sharing files to one-another. We remove all of these problems.


If your business is expanding it's operations and you're finding it stressful to manage sales delivery, CRM, HR etc, then we have the answer. Our bespoke software web-applications are built to your needs, meaning that the product is built to your scope. To make it easy for businesses to get started we're giving businesses free demos to help you learn how it can help you.

With many cloud service providers you can often pay enterprise prices for data storage that doesn’t give you much flexibility. At B1 Network Systems Ltd we carefully selected our partners products to bring our clients the most premium products that bring more choice to the end users. privately hosting the physical server in your premises, easily select users permissions and settings, map drives straight to devices and access files remotely gives you the flexibility to control your files how you’ve always wanted to.

Furthermore, if you find your business frustrated with the friction of transferring files internally or the absence of a system for remote/hybrid workers to manage data without ever worrying about where the file was last stored we will remove this issue at prices that compete with cloud computing to accommodate for smaller businesses on lower budgets.

Are you ready to get started and take your business to the professional level of IT on the SME budget? Get started today by emailing us at

Since technology has been introduced automation has always been a key part of it’s purpose, removing human and manual processes to have tasks done more quickly and accurately. Over recent years we have witnessed a significant development and investment into automation with AI and IoT devices being integrated into our business and personal lives.


Analytics however have mostly seemed to have been accessible for enterprise businesses, with powerful dashboards and data reports being manufactured by professional services for large scale businesses.


In 2022 we are seeing a growing demand in platforms such as Power BI which gives SMEs the ability to deliver a middle-market solution for the demand of small businesses. At B1 Network Systems Ltd. This is an essential service we are proud to produce for our customers, with a growing need for quick & effortless automated processes and the need for more data & analytics we are bringing a key investment that gets small businesses to where they need to be.


With the business world becoming increasingly invested and depended in IT and software it makes it essential for SMEs to keep up; however with the market for data analytics, automation and software platforms making prices out of reach for independent businesses it is more important to partner with B1 Network Systems Ltd to build a system that rewards your investment.

A small but significant update to Apple's line-up since the event, the reintroduction of the iPhone SE making the Apple ecosystem more affordable.


However on the other hand, Apple also introduced a new product: the Mac Studio. With an ever-evolving M1 chip and powerful specs with a desktop form factor.


The M1 chip is used again with an update to the iPad range, a new iPad air with an even more powerful CPU.


Lastly, an introduction to a new colour iPhone. Whilst this only seems like a small change it has receiving a significant reception from iPhone users.


What was your favourite moment? let's hear below

The IoT (Internet of Things) makes up the common 'smart' devices we all use in our personal and work lives, such as: Amazon Alexa, Google Chromecast, Nest Thermostat.


Whilst we may use these devices for fairly basic uses now, the ever evolving progression in AI (Artificial Intelligence) will further advance the capabilities of technology which we're starting to see.


By 2030 our lives will likely be consumed by unconscious reliability on automated processes in our lives, based on our lifestyle. Where a smart fridge can recognise the stock levels and expiry dates of its contents, have new produce automatically delivered and paid for without any work.


In addition, with the growing advancements in the Metaverse, we may see even more subconscious habits consumed by IoT.


What devices do you use in your home and what would you want to see in the future?

With cloud computing becoming one of the most significant advancements in technology over the recent decades 'the cloud' has become a household name - but what is it and why do I need it?


To many people's disbelief, 'the cloud' is made up of physical servers and datacentres across the globe that serve the public internet and private intranets. The benefits of using these services is the reliability and security measures that are regularly in place, however at B1 Network Systems Ltd we give our customers the flexibility of on-site or remote storage.


Having on-site storage as a service means that you have more control and flexibility over your data and where it is physically secured - giving you the choice and redundancy over your information.


Remote storage means that your files are still stored in the same way but the physical location is separate from your office, meaning that we remove the liability and responsibility for the physical security of your equipment.


Alternatively you can have both, with primarily having storage on site and remote backups.


We give our clients as much choice and flexibility as possible so that they have the best solution for their needs, so we will leave it to you to decide what's best!

Removing the struggles of your business


We understand that directors of small businesses have a busy schedule and with the growing advancements in technology it can be hard to keep up. B1 Network Systems Ltd are here to help you focus on what you need to do, however is your time taken up by:


Spending too much time setting up Office 365?

Don't have file management & backup?

Don't have any monitoring for your physical assets?

Still using a mobile for your business?

Haven't taken any steps to mitigate the risk of a cyber security breach?

Not sure what PC is best for you and cannot afford it?

Tired of repetitive processes and want to streamline your business?


If any of these describe you then how would it feel if we could make your business more productive and physically & digitally secure?


There are increasing implications on businesses that are not up-to-date with IT, don't fall behind the competition and get in contact today: