Getting started?


Our #MeetTheStandard campaign is designed to help SMEs get started with the essentials in IT. We provide cyber security and file management solutions to give you the setup that let's you work securely.


Manage sales & CRM


Our bespoke software service is the perfect solution for growing businesses who run their business from spreadsheets and notes. 

Licence management


Purchasing domains, configuring DNS servers and maintaining accounts can be a time consuing task. We make it completely hassle-free and can have you set up within the same day.





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On site storage


Unmanaged data, unreliable drives, no physical & digital security, no backups - does your setup look like this?

We make it easy for staff to mange data; with remote access, daily backups, physical security whilst sharing data between teams


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Remote storage


Don't want your data to be stored in your office? We have a solution, through our partnerships with datacentres we can offer all of the benefits of on-site storage with the option to host it off-site.





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Communication between stakeholders is key, and when businesses expand they don't have a structured network to match their needs. B1 Network Systems can deloy an on-premise network which is built for scalability and provides clearer communication.



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Firewall data protection


Keeping files secure is essential for all businesses, but for small businesses at a sensetive stage of development its importance is paramount. B1 Network Systems can provision hardware which controls who has access to your network and keeps outside bodies away from your data.


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Hardware access


Paying large one-off fees for hardware isn't sustainable for a small business model. B1 Network Systems can provide a more cost effective soloution where companies pay a monthly fixed amount for 12 months and own the hardware at the end of it.




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Security does't stop with data, CCTV helps to keep your staff protected in the office. Furthermore our IP cameras integrate without any friction into our other services to make it easy to use.




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Managed backup


Can you mitigate the risk of losing sensetive data? Have you already taken steps to minimise the chance of data loss? B1 Network Systems can provision cost effective soloutions so that files can automatically back up either locally or via cloud.


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CRM & sales-delivery apps


Automation is key to keep businesses moving forward, by removing human error and automating manual processes we build bespoke software platforms that streamline your businesses day-to-day operations



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